Terroir Cheese network is a network of diverse actors gathered from Training, Research, technical centres and terroir cheese sectors. It works on strategic issues for the Terroir cheese sector. The aim of the network is to develop projects that correspond to the need of the field and to assure the transfer of the results. Since 2009, the network has worked on several themes specific to the Terroir Cheese sectors: Product quality, natural resource enhancement, farm and sectors sustainability. Productions include summary books on a strategic subject but also tools and methodological approaches which allowed change in practice (on a technical or organisational level).

The activity of the network is currently focused on 4 key subjects: microbial ecosystem of terroir cheeses, capitalisation and transmission of cheesemaking know-how, forage management and ecosystem services and performance of the PDO farms.

The Microbiology of raw milk

A partnership with the specialist Cheese Makers association ended up with the translation in English of the book « The Microbiology of Raw Milk ». It is available among Bronwen Percival : bronwen.percival@nealsyarddairy.co.uk


If you are willing to know more about the network or its works please feel free to contact us :

Céline Spelle, CNAOL : cspelle@cniel.com